“Parenting is the most important job in the world.”
Dr. Gabor Mate
“A parent is their child’s compass point.”
“Your relationship with your child has the potential to be the highest quality, most fulfilling and meaningful relationship
you have in your life.”
Dr. Jordan B Peterson
Katie N.
“Fabolous idea!
In our increasingly global world where children and grandchildren live thousands of miles away, the ability to create a cross-generational channel is extremely timely.”
Tim T.
“A thoughtful app for parents who are close to their kids and want to transfer the best parts of themselves.”
Daniel A.
“Beautiful design and solves a real problem: how do you pass down thoughts and feelings to your loved ones?
David B.
“A must-have for every parent.”
Pew Center
70% of parents say parenting is harder today than it was 20 years ago, citing social media, changing morals and exposure to technology at a younger age as the reasons.
Family-focused Social Media
Driven by humane technology and curated by child psychologists, lifeArk helps create
an authentic portrait of who you are, what you value, what you’ve learned
and want to share with the ones who matter most.
Designed to organise and share memories, wisdom, and family history with future generations.
Ovidiu M.
“When a great idea to benefit the future of humanity
is actually realized.”
David B.
“A must-have for every parent.”
Who We Are
We are a mission-driven tech company aiming to counter the toxic influence of social media on families
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Help families cultivate stronger, more meaningful and lasting relationships in a rapidly evolving world where privacy, the family institute and family values are under threat
Our Mission
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