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The Story
Daniel Feltsman
We began lifeArk by asking a simple question – how can our children grow up with an appreciation and understanding of who their parents are, and what values, and life lessons we wanted to leave behind.

In the past, diaries, journals, and photo albums, were handed down from generation to generation. With only written memories to guide us, this was our means of tying to and knowing the past.

Our mission is to modernize this tradition into the digital age, strengthen the bonds between generations, and remind ourselves of the importance of values, knowledge, morals, and the shared experiences in life that are truly important.
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We live at the pinnacle of human civilization, and society is as developed as it has ever been. The future has great promise but presents an even greater challenge as parents are no longer the primary source of information, knowledge, and life experience for their children.

The speed and volume of information exchange has made the truly important things in life become lost in the data noise, replaced with shiny but superficial minutia.

How can a parent or grandparent in today’s digital age guarantee that the skills, facts, and the understanding of life’s lessons they have accumulated will be accessible for their children, their children’s children and many generations to come?

These are the questions being asked, and lifeArk is the answer.

Our mission is to take what began as a individual solution for the journey through parenthood and grow into a universal resource for the preservation of our collective life experience.